Speckled Container Candles 1

These were fun to make!  The color was added after the candle was poured and started to cool by using pre-colored soy wax either broken off into little chunks or shaved off into thin flakes.  The uncolored soy wax in the container needs to cool to under 120dF before adding flecks of color.  (Sorry, I did not take a temperature reading when I was making these, but I think at some point the wax had cooled to about 100dF.)  As long as a skin has not begun to form on the surface, the color shavings may be safely added without dissolving too much.  If the wax is too hot, the color will simply color the wax as though you've added it in the melting pot; cooler wax allows for the sprinkles to swirl or give a sprinkled effect.  You kind of have to get a feel for it and you may have to move the little chunks or flakes of color around with a metal pick, being careful to not overwork them, otherwise you'll lose the effect.  I'll share more about this method soon!