Candle Burning Tips

Here are some tips for you when burning
candles. Gel candles sometimes require
additional attention, so I'll cover that
specifically at a later date when giving
a little more attention to gel candles.

These tips are not only for safety reasons,
but for pleasant burning of your candles!


Trim candle wicks to 1/4" prior to each use.

Discontinue use of container, votive, and
gel candles when 1/2" of wax or gel remains.
For pillars and tapers, discontinue use when
candle reaches approx. 2" from its holder.
During burning, some scented oils can sink
and accumulate, depending on the wax and
the scent. In these cases, if a candle is
allowed to burn down too far, it can
become too hot.

Avoid placing candles in the way of drafts to
prevent rapid and uneven burning. This also will
prevent the wick from smoking.

If a candle is smoking, flickers repeatedly, or
if the flame becomes greater than approx. 1",
your candle isn't burning correctly ... snuff out
the candle and trim the wick ... this should
correct the problem. Make sure the candle is
not in the path of a draft.

If burning multiple candles, place them a few
inches apart from one another to keep them
from melting one another, which can cause
uneven burning or melt the sides of the candles.

When lighting a candle for the first time,
allow the candle to burn for about four
hours in order to create a maximum melt pool.
The size of the melt pool of a candle is determined
during its first burn session ... if you only
light the candle for an hour, it will not have
time to create a nice sized melt pool and your
candle will most likely "tunnel" during
subsequent burn sessions.

If you want your candles to "throw" their
scent nicely and melt the wax to the outer rim
(less wasted wax), just pay attention to the
amount of time given the first time you light them.

For better indoor air quality, snuff your
candles out rather than blowing them out.

This is one way to snuff out a candle so
it doesn't smoke ... you can use an old fork
if you don't have a smokeless snuffer ...
place fork or snuffer at the base of the wick
and move it upward against the wick until
the flame is out.

(There are other ways to snuff out a candle ...
but this way works best for me.)

Never extinguish a candle with water, as
it will cause the wax to splatter.

Store your candles in a cool place.

Happy & Safe Candle Burning!

For more information, you may visit ...
The National Candle Association -

Candle Safety

Candle Tips

Candle Safety

I'm going to start with the important stuff
here first. Even if you do not make candles,
you might like burning candles ... and if you
do, it never hurts to read up on safety advice.

It's important to use good judgment when
burning candles and all necessary safety
precautions should always be taken.

PLEASE READ THIS if you plan to burn candles!

Although some of the safety tips may be

obvious, there could be some things you
haven't thought of ... and you can never
be too careful with fire.

Here are just a few of the many precautions

that should be taken whenever maintaining
a lit candle ...

NEVER leave a burning candle unattended

for any reason.

Keep lit candles out of reach from children.

Keep lit candles out of reach from pets ...
this includes areas where your pet may accidentally
tip a candle over (either with tail, paw, toys, etc.)

Always keep lit candles at least a foot and

a half away from any curtains, fabric, tie-backs,
or any fabric that could catch fire.

If placing a candle on a tablecloth, make sure that
it is ona fire-resistant plate and place the candle
near the center of the table so there is no chance
of a long, draping tablecloth being blown or tossed
up into the candle. Use extreme caution with paper
party tablecloths!

Keep burning candles on a heat-resistant surface
that is stable ... fold-out tables which can easily

be kicked or knocked over are not safe options.
If your surface is made of wood, place your candle
on a glass, ceramic, or metal plate or candle holder.

Do not use cloth doilies directly under a lit candle ...
place the candle on a glass or ceramic plate,
then you may place the plate on a doily.

When using tall candle holders for tapers,
place in a secluded area where they will not

be toppled over.

Select placement of your candles during gatherings
carefully. Be especially aware of placement where
guest activity is most abundant. Avoid placing candles
in entry ways or near coat rooms where frequent drafts
or heavy foot traffic are most likely. Also, avoid placing
candles on low end-tables or in places where flowing
garments of passers-by may come in contact with a
burning candle.

Be careful not to place a lit candle near anything

that is flammable or combustible. This includes
placing a lit candle on a bookshelf or end-table
where there may be a wooden shelf above the candle.
Also be cautious of hanging baskets, dried floral
decorations, etc.

Never walk with a burning candle, just in case you
should trip or fall.

After extinguishing a candle, stay to make sure it is
completely out and that the wick ember is no long
glowing before leaving the room.

Do not use a candle to check for natural gas leaks or
to look into a clothes closet for any reason.

Keep all ribbons, decorative toppers, and other
fabrics away from a burning candle.


Common sense when burning candles goes a long way!


Stay Safe !!


Welcome to my new blog!

You don't need to be a scent crafter
to have some fun learning here ...
this blog isn't just about scents or
crafts, by the way ... it's about
CREATIVITY and enjoyment of life
and our world. Sometimes, in order
to BE creative, you need to first
FEEL creative, so hopefully this
blog will help to INSPIRE you!

Crafting seems to have a way of
brightening our world ...
creativity not only relaxes us,
but it allows us to express
ourselves in artistic ways,
even if we aren't artists.
And, making things can be
a lot of fun.

I have always enjoyed using
molds to create things ...
my first experience with it
was when I was a child.
There was a candy making kit
in the house for making lollipops.
Then, there were gelatin molds
and by the time I was a teenager,
I started making candles.
One molding experience just
led to another!

There isn't always a lot of
time to do these things, but
I have found if you make some
room in your life for them,
you'll always have new avenues
to pursue and I have found
that the enjoyment hobbies
bring have a way of spilling
over into other areas of your
life, making it so you can share
some of the fun and help to
enhance other people's lives.

So, I would like to share various
aspects of some craft making to help
others find the fun in it, or, to
spark an interest in it.
Crafts don't necessarily take a
lot of money or time, and they
can fill your days with all sorts
of good things. I have made them a
part of my life for that very reason.
I can't imagine my life without
craft projects going on!

Nature has played a part in my
crafting in many ways, and I will
share some of those creations here too.

These pages will be written with
the intention to brighten
and enlighten your life through
candles, crafting, nature, health,
and friendship. Updates to these
pages will most likely appear at
random as life continues and there
will be no scheduled posts, and
most likely, no daily posts.
But, if you visit now and then,
you'll probably find something
of interest that I've added
here and there!

Some time ago, when I started
making gel candles, I had a little
website called "Hotscents" ...
some of you may remember it.
It first started when I began making
gel candle kits for beginners, then
it progressed to candle and soap
scents, and non-polar scents for
gel candles. I plan to start creating
new scents once again, now that a
move to a different state in the
U.S., which was a lot of work,
has taken place and I'm getting
more settled in.

Before I get started in sharing some
how-to's or venturing out to share
some information that I have found
on the Internet, I would like to start
with "Safety First" ... so I am going
to focus a little on precautions that
are a must when making candles and soaps.

Thanks for visiting!
Have a wonderful day!