Drippy Winter Pillar Candles

These were fun candles to make ... and to burn! 
Each candle was topped with a glittered wreath 
in the center.  The wreaths were made with candy 
molds, with specialty glitter dusted into the molds
before pouring the scented wax.  I used a sweet 
bayberry for these candles, which was wonderful.

The interior of my candle mold was lightly coated
with mineral oil.  Then, using a cheese grater and 
a green coloring block, little specks of colorant
were created that were then sprinkled into the 
inside of the mold ... the candle was poured in 
a few layers, including light green (this was a 
bright green mixed with a hint of turquoise) and
white, making for an interesting pattern. 

Then, the candle was dripped with white wax 
over and over, with wax being poured on top first, 
placing the wreath in the center, and wax continued
to be poured around the edges to drip over the sides
of the candle.  At the completion, some wax was 
poured onto a plate and the candle set into the hot 
wax to finish the bottom, covering the square wick 
tab, which is the second to last photo here. 

For my next drippings ... Valentine's Day!!