Votive Candles - Part 1

It's getting to be that time of year when getting "feet wet" with wax gets you in the mood for candles!  This is a nice tutorial on making soy votives ... although my votive mold has a wick pin, which creates a hole for the wick to be threaded through after the candle has cooled.  Everyone has their favorite way of wicking a candle!  I've never wicked after pouring wax, for instance, I always secure my wick first, so this method is a little different than what I am accustomed to, but if it works for you, then you may prefer it.  Remember when you burn votive candles, that you need a votive cup which the candle fits perfectly into ... be sure to extinguish it when it's burned down to at least a 1/4-inch for safety.  I have read that some glass holders can crack, although I have never had one do this personally, so, for added security, it's a good idea to place the votive cup on a non-flammable plate or surface.

An example of Wick Pins

Swirled Melt 'n' Pour Soaps

Making melt 'n' pour soaps can be fun ... when I have made them, I've used individual molds. This swirled loaf method looks like fun though! Note that all melt 'n' pour products are not the same ... I try to use ones that have mostly natural ingredients, whenever possible!